This project is basically for the needy children. TORUWU provides education to the needy children at a very low cost. We create dynamic, self-reliant and competitive citizens in St.Mary’s primary School. This school has now existed for 4 years operating from Nursery to Primary 5 and we have an enrollment of 150 children.

We have managed to employ an elite team of teachers to educate these children.

  • We have started constructing our own school premises at our office headquarters, As we had planned to stop renting the premises we are using now and go to the new premises.

  • Some warm thanks go to all those who helped with the fulfillment of this cause. Thanks.



we believe their is no dull child if

put in a right academic sytem

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We are still growing as an Organisation and alot is still needed. We have very many challenges in the mentioned projects. To kindly help you can send money to +256-782-474-513 using world remitclick here  if you are ready.

Feel free to contact us: in case of any guidance needed. Thanks.

To kindly help you can send money to +256-782-474-513 using world remit . Click here  if you are ready.