TORUWU analysed the needs in the community and strategised the target groups: women, youths and needy children.

This has led to the introduction of different projects through which TORUWU can improve their wellbeing, their entrepreneurship skills and their possibilities for generating income.


These projects are:


  • Women Empowerment

  • Youths

  • Wine Production

  • St.Mary's Jr School

  • Water Project

  • Volunteer Program

  • Agro - Forestry

Future Projects

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We are still growing as an Organisation and alot is still needed. We have very many challenges in the mentioned projects. To kindly help you can send money to +256-782-474-513 using world remitclick here  if you are ready.

Feel free to contact us: in case of any guidance needed. Thanks.

To kindly help you can send money to +256-782-474-513 using world remit . Click here  if you are ready.    

women emancipation

women creating charcoal balls from waste