Mdm. Sophie Bemba

Sophie Bemba is the founder and project coordinator

Am Sophie Bemba, the founder and project coordinator of TORUWU:

“My mother had a hospital at home and I used to see poor women carrying their sick babies on their backs coming to her for treatment. At times she used to encourage them to complete their medical treatment but some of them couldn’t. ,I was saddened by a widow whose son was terribly sick and couldn’t afford the bills

 By then I was 14 years of age and I told my mum that once I grew up I will form up a Training organisation to teach Women,youths and children Income generating activities so that they could take care of themselves and their children.

I need your cooperation to make my dream come true.”

Mr. Yiga Augustine

As co-founder of TORUWU, Mr.Yiga is currently the executive chairman of TORUWU . He is an advocate for women development and their wellbeing. He is an experienced administrator.

He has a wealth of experience in dealing with the community and its development. He is also a social worker with vast experience in areas of women, youth and child facilitation.

Mr.Yiga is generally responsible for the coordination, implementation and management of TORUWU as an organisation.