Empowering women, transforming communities’

Welcome to Training of Rural Women in Uganda (TORUWU), where our cornerstone is the empowerment of women and their families. Our projects are meticulously crafted to uplift and strengthen women, recognizing their pivotal role as the bedrock of families and communities. These projects include women and youth empowerment, education and health initiatives which endeavour to create a ripple effect that empowers not only women, but the entire communities to which they belong.

Join us in our mission to uplift and transform lives, one woman, one child, and one community at a time.

Uplifting communities, Women and Youths. Now 21 Years and Counting

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“Our mission at TORUWU is to provide comprehensive programs and support that empower women to become strong pillars in their families and communities. By offering education, promoting various life skills training, and enhancing health and well-being, we aim to create a sustainable impact that flourishes through generations.”


“We envision a future where every woman in rural Uganda is empowered with the knowledge, skills, and resources to lead a fulfilling life and positively influence her family and community. We aim to create a society where every woman is a catalyst for change, driving progress and prosperity for all.”


Empowerment, Community Impact, Inclusivity, Integrity, Collaboration.”

Featured Projects 

Volunteer Testimonials

*I worked with TORUWU for 6 weeks during March and April of 2015.

*My main activity was fundraising of initial cost for TORUWU’s pineapple wine project.

*Our goal was to allocate the profit of wine to TORUWU’s primary school (St. Mary’s) for needy children. The fundraise succeeded and we are still working together for further development of the wine project.

It is impossible to describe how much I’ve learned from TORUWU. The leaders were ambitious, warm-hearted people and gave me a new perspective of life. In addition, you will meet fantastic friends in Kikajjo, all of whom are caring and always support your challenge. You will find your second home here.

Natsuki Yagi

I wanted to contribute to supporting these families in a sustainable way. Therefore, I initiated and recently completed a crowdfunding campaign to finance an irrigation system which is currently installed in a field owned by TORUWU. Upon being finalized, this system will enable them to harvest large quantities of fruits and vegetables. So far, planting and harvesting crops have been largely unsuccessful due to long dry seasons with little rain. As many disabled children participating in the physiotherapy are undernourished and mothers often lack the knowledge and/or financial means on how to feed their children properly, Augustine and Sophie – TORUWU’s founders – and I hope to improve the children’s overall condition and raise their awareness about a healthy diet by giving out fresh produce to them regularly.

Claudia Westhaus

‘Join us in empowering women and their families today!’

Joining Over 50 Volunteers who have made an impact at TORUWU

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