This organization is the core project that helps us with funding and strengthening the school, with the most focus on sustaining our small infant school so that many children can afford education.

  • The wine product is good quality, produced from the finest pineapples, oranges, passion fruits, and lemons. It’s a nice sweet wine.
  • This wine was approved by UNBS (Uganda National Bureau of Standards) which handed us a certificate of analysis hence we can operate freely.
  • We have been able to bottle and provide a unique label and seal for our wine.

In future;

​We hope to buy better processing and refinement equipment like filters, volumeters, refractometers, pineapple squeezers, wooden barrels, and a transporting vehicle to generally improve the quality and quantity of the wine and widen our market as well.

WINE OF CANA – “Your leading taste”

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