Project Description

Women Empowerment

  • toruwu

We train our women in income-generating activities i.e. leather craft making, Bags, bitegi, baskets, soap making, books, wine production, organizing entrepreneurship workshops and tailoring,

we offer a vast amount of support that is necessary to provide for their families, We have managed to train around 10 groups of women around the country so far  i.e. Northern group(former war abductees), Western group, Southern part in Bundibugyo.

We have managed to sell some of the items abroad and the women have earned from it.

The Future of Toruwu:

  • We aim to create even more partnerships with different shops and outlets around the world to help women sell their products.
  • If in any case, you know of any business that would cooperate in this matter, please, contact us through Your support WILL CHANGE LIVES
  • We also hope to expand our facilities and do more training in other parts of Uganda.



“We empower people with no means to be self- sufficient in particular we provide education for young scholars, physiotherapy sessions for children with disabilities and we work with rural women to help them take care of themselves and their Families.”


“We believe in a fair society that doesn’t discriminate against anyone”


“Empathetic, Trustworthy, Transparent, Integrity, Honest, Resilient.”