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We have been hosting volunteers for the last 14 years. This program is open throughout the year and here are some of the volunteers that have ever visited our organization.   NATSUKI YAGI Natsuki Yagi *I worked with TORUWU for 6 weeks during March and April of 2015. *My main activity was fundraising of initial cost for TORUWU’s pineapple wine project. *Our goal was to allocate the profit of wine to TORUWU’s primary school (St. Mary’s) for needy children. The fundraise succeeded and we are still working together for further development of the [...]

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Wine Production


WINE PRODUCTION This organization is the core project that helps us with funding and strengthening the school, with the most focus on sustaining our small infant school so that many children can afford education. The wine product is good quality, produced from the finest pineapples, oranges, passion fruits, and lemons. It’s a nice sweet wine. This wine was approved by UNBS (Uganda National Bureau of Standards) which handed us a certificate of analysis hence we can operate freely. We have been able to bottle and provide a unique label and seal for our wine. In future; ​We hope [...]

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ST.MARY’S PRIMARY SCHOOL. TORUWU runs St. Mary’s Junior school, providing quality education to needy children at subsidised cost. The project began in 2013 operating from Nursery to Primary 5 with about 85 pupils, set up out of a need to provide a school with reasonable tuition and quality education to accommodate children from needy families. Two years after its inception, one volunteer fundraised $50,000 that enabled TORUWU to build classrooms at TORUWU’s property which offered a larger space than the rented premises where it previously was located. Putting up an institution that empowers children through [...]

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Disability Program


DISABILITY PROGRAM. TORUWU (Training of Rural Women in Uganda) has demonstrated exceptional compassion and dedication by extending their services to children with special needs. They are providing physiotherapy exercises to support these children's development and well-being, going above and beyond their primary mission.TORUWU looks after Disabled children in Kikajjo village working with about 49 mothers with disabled children. TORUWU gives physiotherapy clinics to these children every Thursday at their office premises in Kikajjo.Disability all over the world is a touching subject and TORUWU has gone ahead to sensitize the community that disabled children are not cursed. TORUWU’s number one [...]

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Youth Empowerment


YOUTH EMPOWERMENT TORUWU provides a safe and supported environment where youths have managed to learn a few basic talents i.e. Brass band, cultural dancing Group, and a soccer team through which they generate income for their families.

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Contact Info

Training of Rural Women In Uganda-TORUWU. Kikajjo village, 9 miles Kampala-Nakawuka Road Nsangi. Sub-county – Wakiso District., P.O BOX29544 Kampala,

Phone: Tel: +256 772 615 487

Mobile: Tel: +256 782 474513

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