TORUWU is a non-government organization registered under Ministry of Internal Affairs. This organization started in the year of 2000, Registration NO.S. 5914/3718. By 2 visionally persons in Wakiso District – Uganda, to spear head development in the area.

TORUWU has grown out of people’s out cry of the dire needy circumstances of abject poverty that surrounds women in the country-side, especially the widows with orphaned youth and children in the country as a whole.

Founders were compulsorily moved into deep compassion and concern for the suffering humanity in the country-side, principally rural women at the grassroots who share similar and, in some cases, worse conditions of living. i.e.: Poverty, ignorance, diseases, lack of representation, powerlessness, vulnerability to injustice, exploitation, etc.


Grassroots rural women, particularly, widows with orphaned youth and children.


Equip the rural women with economic survival skills and knowledge so that they can become more independent; take care of themselves and their families.


1) Health education – specific reference to HIV/AIDS, nutrition and reproductive health
2) Training in development studies
3) Mobilization of savings to increase women capital base
4) Youth-programmes

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We are still growing as an Organisation and alot is still needed. We have very many challenges in the mentioned projects. To kindly help you can send money to +256-782-474-513 using world remitclick here  if you are ready.

Feel free to contact us: toru.wu@yahoo.com in case of any guidance needed. Thanks.

To kindly help you can send money to +256-782-474-513 using world remit . Click here  if you are ready.