We have been hosting volunteers for the last 7 years. This program is open throughout the year and here are some of the volunteers that have ever visited our organization.


Natsuki Yagi

*I worked with TORUWU for 6 weeks during March and April of 2015.

*My main activity was fundraising of initial cost for TORUWU’s pineapple wine project.

*Our goal was to allocate the profit of wine to TORUWU’s primary school (St. Mary’s) for needy children. The fundraise succeeded and we are still working together for further development of the wine project.

It is impossible to describe how much I’ve learned from TORUWU. The leaders were ambitious, warm-hearted people and gave me a new perspective of life. In addition, you will meet fantastic friends in Kikajjo, all of whom are caring and always support your challenge. You will find your second home here :D



Elisa Pires

Volunteer through AIESEC

6 weeks in the end of 2013

I stayed in Toruwu for two months in the end of 2013. I teached computer classes and also did a fundraising for the brass band instrument. The time I stayed in Uganda was for sure one of the best moments in my life. The NGO is so commited to the community, they do such a beautiful work  and they invest all their time and resources to help people having a better life. They are one of the best people I have ever met in my life and we still in touch since now for future projects. They treated me like family and I love all of them so much. They love to receive foreign students and are really open minded for new ideas. They are one of the most important people to me and the world should know them ;)



Volunteer through JICA

•2 years from June 2009 to June 2011.

•Creat new handicraft using kitenge, African fabric.

•Everybody was always welcome to the  office to learn but I was surprised when two goats joined us.

•Just come. You will love it.



Volunteer through JICA

* 1 month in 2008

*music classes, instruction at a secondary school, Instruction for TORU stars (TORUWU’s brassband)


-Conveyed the new culture such as Japanese and other cultural music, which expanded the sight of children.

-Helped students to acquire standard basic music knowledge

-Students could learn some Japanese language and culture.

-Donated some instruments such as a keyboard, and scores.


*Kikajjo is a very warm, welcoming village! You can get an fantastic experience that you would never get in other places. Please enjoy your Kikajjo life :)