We involve our women in income generating activities i.e. leather craft making, Bags, bitegi, baskets, soap making, books, tailoring, organizing small credit schemes-to access small loans amongst themselves, wine production, organizing entrepreneurship workshops.

We have managed to sell some of the items abroad and the women have earned from it.

We have managed to train around 10 groups of women around the country i.e. Northern group(former war abductees), western group, Southern part in Bundibugyo.

In Future:


  • We wish to create partnerships with different shops and outlets around the world to help the women sell their products. In case you know of any business which would cooperate in this matter, please, contact us through toru.wu@yahoo.com.

  • We also hope to do more and more trainings in the country.







“There’s nothing so inspirational as a hardworking woman is to a child."